The fatherless and the widows who live in your towns may come and eat and be satisfied, and so that the LORD your God may bless you in all the work of your hands. Dueteronomy 14:29

~ Silas and Naomi are HOME from Uganda ~

29 July 2010

the middle

it's strange beginning somewhere in the middle...actually it looks like this could be closer to the end, but experience and the part of me that is trying to protect my hearts says "middle".  we have been trying to adopt for over 3 years now. a long story that will probably come out through the creation of this blog, but there's far too much to try and retell right now.  so here's what life looks like on crestview drive:

noah, almost 5, is curled up next to me watching tom and jerry while maela, 18  months, is sleeping upstairs.  two cats watch us through the window and the little dog is stretched out on the couch across from us.  the faithful head of our home will be home soon and the house will erupt with joy-filled cries for daddy and a wrestling match will inevitably break out on the floor.  the scene will be beautiful...but something, rather someones are missing: two more little people belong in that pile of tickling and giggles.

our 2 1/2 little boy and sweet baby girl are waiting for their forever family from a small baby home in uganda, africa.  the paperwork is done, fingerprints taken, check-ups signed off, home visits complete and initial bills paid.  now we wait for the powers that be at the u.s. immigration office to send their approval.  then we wait for a court date in uganda that will mark the arrival of day our hearts have ached for = travel time!  the 4 of us will spend 4-6 weeks in the beautiful country completing the process that will make our family whole and experiencing life from the other side of the world.  maybe november, possibly december, praying fervently for october...we have no idea when we will go, but the imminence of that journey makes my heart race.  we long to hold those little ones in our arms, kiss their sweet brown faces and count to 4 over and over each day.

with our wait also comes the need to raise the remainder of the ransom so we can claim our own.  we have watched the Lord provide countless times for this process, experienced great sacrifice from friends and family as they give, and experienced the blessing of random and anonymous gifts...we KNOW the needs will be met and trust God to bring us all the way!

so here we are...somewhere in the middle, somewhat incomplete, with some of us very far away... watching tom and jerry...and waiting

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