The fatherless and the widows who live in your towns may come and eat and be satisfied, and so that the LORD your God may bless you in all the work of your hands. Dueteronomy 14:29

~ Silas and Naomi are HOME from Uganda ~

08 January 2011

49 Pounds

Craig prayed at the beginning of this week (before we knew what these days were going to hold) How Lord are you going to bring our need in just so few days? He wasn't questioning God's ability, just asking Him, How is this going to us because we KNOW You can and will do it. Every day the Lord provided more, and not a trickle...a flood of provision. In just 3 days He provided enough for us to finish our adoption, travel to UG, live there for two months, and pay our major bills here at home! It was mind blowing, jaw-dropping, tear flowing AMAZING to experience...I have never seen or felt the tangible presence of my God over so many details, so many days in a row, in such a real way before. And it wasn't just through financial gifts, but free housing in Uganda, host families willing to feed us, help us with translating to our son, and wash our clothes, offers of rides to and from the airports here and in Uganda, flights we could afford despite all the last minutes changes, even the grace and strength to get me through the week of packing and preparing our family to leave while Craig was out of the state...every avenue, every path, every roadblock was cleared by our God!

Niko, in July, after a haircut

So we were shocked when our court date on the 19th was cancelled, and then appalled when the judge said no to seeing us on the 12th, but pressed on because the Lord was leading. We decided to go anyway, be with our kids, pray for more open doors and wait for a miracle. But then He came to my husband and caused him to pause. He sought counsel from 6 men, all who said the same thing. He went to the Lord through the night and was given an answer, albeit without an explanation, a clear answer.

Abi Rose, Sept and drowing in her tiny clothes

We are to wait, to be still, and stay...for now.

Our Smiley boy, in October

Over the next few days we will make some decision regarding when we will go. And on the 19th we should be given an official date when we will be seen, sometime in Feb. Our foster mom for Abi must move out of her home at the end of the month. We would really like to be there to help her and take Abi as she leaves so our baby will not go back to the orphanage or change homes again. (She has had 5 placements in her short 10 months). So possibly some time later this month...

Beautiful Eyes and loving those fingers

...but for now, the suitcases are packed, each weighing 49 pounds...I know, I checked over and over. Trying to see the numbers on the scale over the huge suitcase in my arms reminded me of the large belly that stuck out during that last month. It was impossible to see my toes let alone that flashing number which would audibly ring out how many bowls of ice cream I'd had that week. There was a strange parallelism for me in that. This is the approaching end of a very long 4 year pregnancy…with twins and trimesters that last 15 months each! It’s brutal! But you know how you just ponder over the Lord’s majesty when you feel those little kicks, and revel at His wonderous creation as you watch your skin grow over that bulging shape like you never thought possible! It’s painful at times, especially at the end…but it’s miraculous!

Niko outside at the Babie's Home in December

My friend had twins and she would call at night in tears because she felt like her skin was tearing, like her stomach was ripping because the pressure was so great and she had grown so much. I guess that’s where we are, that, oh so painful, skin-stretching end, when we see God’s miracles, His grace, His provision, and His wondrous power over our lives in every way.

Sleeping African Princess, October

And by the way, they say when you are pregnant with twins you should gain around 50 pounds…we have 1 pound to go.


  1. You are SO close! As you say, 1 lb to go! God is SO good and your babies will be home soon! Praying for peace and comfort while you are still in the Lord!

  2. Today is the day you had hoped to leave and I am grieving that disappointment with you. I know how your arms are aching to hold your babies. I know how badly you want this all behind you and to move to the next phase. None of us understand this, but we continue to trust God and pray for all of you. I know that you are physically surrounded by many people that love you but also know that our family prays daily for you and will continue long after your babies are home. We love you and your family. Lean not my friend.

  3. I wish I could "gift you" the one last pound ; )

    Jen, Craig-- This blog post, as with all of them, are SOO beautifully written, it's like worship!! I love hearing what God is doing in your hearts and in your lives. It pains me to see you "have to wait" but if it's what God says... it's THE BEST!!! I like to remember "God is rarely early, never late, and always on time!" You guys are so loved and your story is an encouragement to so many others! Press on, press in to Jesus and may your strength rise as you wait upon the LORD!!

    Love, Rebecca and the Hoehne boys

  4. Jen I can see you now across from me in BSF the first day of introduction..Telling us all your story of adoption and you were in your 1st trimester.Not even knowing if you would be with us to finish off the year..Wow, what a journey it has been 4 years later!!!! And here you are with "twins." We are praying for you as we have this whole way and will continue to pray for you all FOREVER. You two have shown me so much through your faith...So here you guys are waiting for the water to break!!! And our Lords timing is perfect..Love you dearly, The Hills

  5. oh friend...with tears in my eyes I sit here in wonder at the love story God is writing. An amazing love story. Not one that you or Craig would have chosen, not one that you could have ever imagined but one. perfect. story. One with ups and downs, twists and where God can be glorified every step of the way. We continue to lift your family up in prayer as you wait for just the right time. much love friend!

  6. So true! 1 more pound...
    Your children are beautiful! I love Niko's name... so cool and Abi Rose is beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing your heart!

  7. Praying for you my friend, especially in that the Ugandan courts will be gracious toward you and the God would move the mountains and pave the way!

  8. This was beautiful. Absolutely. Beautiful .