The fatherless and the widows who live in your towns may come and eat and be satisfied, and so that the LORD your God may bless you in all the work of your hands. Dueteronomy 14:29

~ Silas and Naomi are HOME from Uganda ~

15 July 2011

Fun in the Flock

A few FUN things we’ve found our little flock doing in the last 3 ½ months:

     Using 4 foot halogen light bulbs (fallen from the garage rafters due to a frisky raccoon) as light-saber swords in the driveway

     Having a barefoot tea party….on TOP of the van

     Sitting inside the dog kennel with 8 tiny chickens (their current home until they are bigger and the coop is finished)

     Microwaving non-microwave bowls...just a small fire, very containec, nothing serious.
     Pooping in last year’s Christmas tree stand still sitting in the side yard (yes, the tree was no longer inside)

     Sucking pickle juice from the jar with long twisty straws

     Cutting hair with children’s safety scissors…yup, they cut hair, moms! It’s the truth despite what the packaging says!

     Coloring the couch with ball point pens (I’m sure this one could have been worse, but it’s still not coming off…suggestions?)

     Applying green eye shadow to each other’s belly buttons…and the cream carpet in the bedroom

     Rubbing sand into the already course thick brown hair of our little brownies (try getting that out!)

     Making “baby burritos” by rolling up in the large living room rug (it’s like 5’ x 8’ – you can’t even tell there is a kid in there!)

     Turning on the jets in the master bathtub until there are bubbles overflowing out all over the floor

     Body painting with yogurt (again, this could have been much worse, I do realize that)

     Sneaking onto the counter and licking the frosting off all the cupcakes waiting to be put in their container when cooled

And so many more that are escaping my jelly-like memory at the moment…

I’m sure there will be many addendums to this post…probably starting tomorrow shortly after they all wake up :) Each day is an adventure around here and with four kids 5 and under the movement never stops.

I do realize all this makes me sound like the incompetent mother…please do not turn us in to CPS…our children are safe and well and none the worse for wear, but they are very quick to discover new and audacious ways to experience life…and although it is messy sometimes, it is wonderful discovering right along with them.

And for those of you wondering why I rarely return phone calls or take far too many days to get back to you on email…well, now you have it!

What types of shenanigans have you found your little ones in lately?

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  1. Right there with you Jen! Thankful they have not made it to my makeup or the couch yet. We've had a lot of water gun spraying. When I'm not looking, they fill the water guns upstairs and the tromp through the house, muddy feet and all, until they are back outside. This morning my oldest noticed our window open in our bedroom and said "mom, you might want to close those windows. that is where my brothers do target practice with their water guns." Thanks buddy! We've had lots of crazy bicycle riding (once into the blackberry bushes). Our baby girl eats everything, including clover flowers and bark. And what she can't eat, she licks, including the fridge, the floor and today the dog's tongue!