The fatherless and the widows who live in your towns may come and eat and be satisfied, and so that the LORD your God may bless you in all the work of your hands. Dueteronomy 14:29

~ Silas and Naomi are HOME from Uganda ~

07 September 2010

Mountians Can Move

Forgive Me.  I am convicted of my lack of Faith.  Saturday night Jen brought me a blog she has been reading lately.  The author of the blog was/is challenging the body of Christ to fast and pray for orphans around the world.  More than that they were asking the adoption community to take part by sending in some prayer requests and committing to pray and fast all day tomorrow.  Jennifer asked me to write a post.  I struggled and struggled internally...foolishly...selfishly...sinfully.

I believe that the Almighty God is fighting for and protecting and guarding his children throughout the world.  I believe that He desires his servants to take part in his work through prayer and whenever possible, however possible with their hands as well.  I believe that our Sovereign God hears our prayers and acts according to his will so that anything we ask in his name he will do.  God is the protector of the is something he Is.  God is good.  God is Love.  God is Merciful. God is Just. God is the protector of the orphan.  What power then to pray in this way.  What Mercy that God allows us to take part in his very Character in this way...

So I ask you to forgive me for may lack of faith.  I God's grace I believe.  Pray and fast with me.  Check out this blog site, and lift up the many and varied adoption situations that need our prayers and God's provision.  Please Please Pray.
Praise God
1) AB is out of the hospital after 5 days
2) Another Missionary has stepped in to continue the IV antibiotic at home
3) Her chest x-rays looked good her lungs were mostly clear, seems the Pneumonia is all but gone

Ask God
1) To clear away obstacles keeping AB's poor health from being considered a special case. Being considered a special case would allow us to travel early to get her.
2) For continued healing for AB's lungs, that they would continue to develop the way they need to
3) That if they move up AB's court date because of her health they would move NJ's case as well. They are not under any obligation to do so because they are not blood siblings.
4) That God would provide the rest of the funds we need for an early trip and that he would clear all obstacles in the way of us leaving early. Our home study needs to be amended for special needs.


  1. Praising and praying with y'all today! Praying for AB's health and her court date!

  2. hey! We're a Lifeline family too! :)