The fatherless and the widows who live in your towns may come and eat and be satisfied, and so that the LORD your God may bless you in all the work of your hands. Dueteronomy 14:29

~ Silas and Naomi are HOME from Uganda ~

29 September 2010

Little Clouds in the Heat

Why did the weather turn up to mid-July heat the very weekend we held our yard sale?  I have no idea, but we were hot and very tired after 3 long days of moving "treasures", standing in the sun, true lack of sleep and sharing our story with so many people...all this may have enhanceed to my incredibly emotional state, but that probably wasn't really it.

You see not only were we gifted with so many donations for the sale (most from families we had never even met!), but the tenderness of those who came to shop, visit, or just bless us was so completely overwhelming.  Amidst all that heat, God showered us with His love this weekend and His little cool, clouds bearing those blessings came in many shapes and sizes... the sister and brother-in-law who allowed their yard and home to be overrun for 3 days... the young mom who bought two items and left a check for $300 in my hand... the incredible woman of faith who placed her hands on the pictures of my children and prayed out loud for them... the family we have yet to meet who sent a $500 gift because they felt their donated items were not worth enough... the sweet little hands who decorated cupcakes and rice krispy treats for us to sell... the grandma who pulled up and unloaded decorations from her own home so she could give us something... the family that thanked us over and over for the clothes left from the sale that we gave them... the little boy who emptied out his wallet of change to buy some blocks... the biker man who bought so much he had to come back the next day in his jeep... the dear friend who came just to stand by me and cry for a while over the Hand of the Lord we saw moving before our eyes...

...and so many others.

We were overwhelmed, blessed beyond our wildest dreams, and assured once again that our GOD is in control.  He is present and He is working together the ransom for our children.

Thank you all who helped, donated, baked, shopped, prayed, and supported us!  We were so touched and praise Him for what you did for our family.

Total towards the ransom:  Blessings rained down to $1,710.53
Singing and Praising! A miracle of a Yard Sale!


  1. you made me cry. this was beautiful.

  2. wow!!! congrats on an awesome yard sale!

  3. Wow! I got chills reading about all those little markers God sent your way to remind you of His perfect sovereignty and faithfulness. He's AMAZING!