The fatherless and the widows who live in your towns may come and eat and be satisfied, and so that the LORD your God may bless you in all the work of your hands. Dueteronomy 14:29

~ Silas and Naomi are HOME from Uganda ~

24 November 2010

50 and counting

inspired my dear friend to make my own list. my perspective has started to change, not as much as it should, but i’m thankful now for things i have not thought twice about before…

1. the fruity-spicy applesauce smell coming from my kitchen right now

2. new mercies every morning

3. hot vanilla lattes

4. orange, red, and yellow leaves…they mean winter is coming

5. my 4 children and all their colors

6. the sacrificial hearts of some incredible people

7. the Cooking Light magazine that comes to my house every month

8. ginger peach tea

9. the man who comes home to me EVERY night and still loves me each morning

10. sweats, the old, holey ones

11. people who travel the globe, giving their lives in service to the King

12. people who stay at home, giving their lives in service to the King

13. really small hands, there’s nothing like their precious touch

14. this incredible home my husband made with his hands

15. the facial expressions of my oldest as he makes up profoundly theological songs

16. beautiful, exotic Uganda and all its smiling people

17. Veggie Tales, Mickey Mouse, Kid’s Action Bible Songs and all the other contributors to a 20 minute accomplishment

18. the love letter my God wrote to me

19. nickels…jars of nickels (and pennies, dimes, and quarters)

20. boots (the kind that still let my kids go outside in bad weather)

21. big coats (same reason)

22. my washing machine and dryer

23. large corner bath tubs

24. diapers

25. a faucet that gives me water every time I turn it on

26. HOT water…that never runs out

27. my little girl who tucks in the picture of her baby sister on the computer screen with her blankie and bunny, then and cuddles up to snuggle with her (melts my heart every time, and yes, she does it a lot)
28. peanut butter, especially mixed with milk chocolate

29. date nights!

30. examples of true, pain-filled faith in those around me

31. sweet sister who buys me clothes, loves on my kids unconditionally, and walks with me through every trial

32. toothbrushes

33. submission

34. pediatrician who cares, really cares about our family

35. girl’s night . . . ha! girl’s weekend!

36. second son who’s comedic streak fills the orphanage with laughter

37. my honeymoon, yes, still

38. family, by blood and by spirit

39. the body I so often despise but works and enables me to serve and love my family

40. OBGYN that feels more like part of our family than some professional

41. friends who say what needs to be told, not what wants to be heard

42. my camera

43. my itty-bitty baby girl whose will to live surpasses her age by decades and whose life has demonstrated more of God’s grace to me than any other

44. my heritage, faith-filled and solid

45. biblical teaching

46. surrender – it’s a beautiful thing

47. my husband . . . I know, he’s on here twice

48. conditioner

49. un-surpassing, undeniable, unexplainable. PEACE

50. I john 4:19 – we love because He first loved us

had to add this as i checked my "to-do" list...

51. how many thank-you's i still need to write to those who have served, given, cooked, decorated, prayed, supported, and loved our family over the past 6 months...this adoption journey would be so empty without your demonstration of God's love to us.  THANK YOU!

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  1. I concur with almost all of your list. I love the OB/GYN's I work with, so I totally agree with that one! I prefer Chai lattes to vanilla ones. Though I've heard that vanilla chai lattes and pumpkin spiced chai lattes are really good too! Happy Thanksgiving and I pray for your little ones far from you frequently, especially since Dr. Jones has pictures of Africa everywhere at work which reminds me to pray for your littles!